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    50% glufosinate-ammonium Aqueous solution


    High quality glufosinate-ammonium


    Common name: 50% glufosinate-ammonium Aqueous solution

    40 ml, 100 ml

    Registered crops: Non-cultivated land
    Features: 1. High safety: Yuren is made of glufosinate-ammonium high-purity fine powder, which is extremely safe and safe for economic crops.
    2. Fast effect: Yuren adds special additives, the agent penetrates quickly, the weeds turn yellow in 3 days, and the leaves are damaged.
    3. The effect is more excellent: adding the company's research and development LK888 additive, the effect is improved by more than 20%, the drug effect is obviously better than the market common glufosinate-ammonium.
    Use technology:

    1. spraying the leaves and stems of non cultivated weeds during the vigorous growth period.
    2. Do not apply pesticide on windy days or expected rainfall within 1 hour.

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